21 June 2013

Friday Flag - Neuschwabenland

The following flag is from a secret colony of the Third Reich in Antarctica. It is from a role-playing campaign I ran back in 2008 called Scion. In the notes below I've removed the supernatural elements from that game setting.

1873 = First German expedition to Antarctica.

1939 = A German expedition led by Alfred Ritscher surveyed more than 200,000 square miles of Antarctica, literally staking a claim by dropping swastika markers along the boundaries. The Nazis name this realm Neuschwabenland.

1945 = The Nazis send an undersea flotilla ferrying scientists, aviators, and politicians to Neuschwabenland. About 55 German subs were part of this flotilla. Commandant Johan Beckhardt is tasked with establishing a secret nation in Antarctica.

1947 = Operation High Jump. The United States sends an expedition to explore Antarctica. They encounter Neuschwabenland. After a brief firefight, Byrd meets with the officials of the secret facility and is told the truth. Operation High Jump ends shortly afterwards.

MAY 1949 = James Forrestal, the US Secretary of Defense who ordered Operation High Jump, is murdered by agents of Neuschwabenland.

2008 = The nation is discovered by the outside world!

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