27 January 2014

My first official EUIV campaign - Navajo

I'm finally learning to play Europa Universalis IV. I had a couple quick games I gave up on where I made some mistakes. I thought playing Ming would be easy, but not knowing the rules made it harder. Then I decided North America might be more my style. I tried the Iroquois but for some reason my armies could never recover as quickly or get as large as my neighbors so I quickly gave that game up.

Finally I decided to give the Navajo a try. After what I learned playing the Iroqouis I figured this would be the best nation to play to learn some of the more basic rules of the game. By the time I had to save the game this last weekend this is what I had:

This map is as of AD 1585. In some ways impressive. My economy the first half if the game was terrible. Low value territory until I hit the Pacific coast. I cautiously annexed small tribes around me with overwhelming force. Now I have two colonial groups out at a time expanding towards the Great Lakes and Gulf of Mexico.

My quaint little concerns right now involve feared aggression from the Aztecs but really having no signs it is coming. What should actually concern me is the eventually arrival of the Europeans. No sign of them yet, but I don't have a clear view of the Caribbean.

I wish I took some better notes on this game. I may have been able to create a proper AAR from it. It is mostly a practice session and will last until I get obliterated by the Europeans.

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