22 March 2013

Friday Flag - Sul Aliança

Here is the first in an ongoing series. I've always loved flags, especially ones with great stories behind them. Flags evoke various emotions depending on who views them and what they represent means to that person. This series will focus on flags that never existed in our real world but in alternates.

This first one is for a large nation in South America from a short story I wrote (that story, The Corpse of Mars, can be found on my story blog). In the story I imply some disaster hit the Earth somewhere between 1866 and 2429. Out of the ruins of human civilization came new nations. Sul Aliança was one of the more successful of these new nations.

While Sul Aliança wasn't born until the mid-22nd century at the earliest I had imagined the disaster that struck humanity being a nuclear war in the mid-1980s.

Be sure to check back on future Fridays for more new and interesting symbols of lands that don't exist.

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