11 March 2014

Happy Birthday to Othertimesblog!

On March 11, 2013 this blog started. It had been one year - and it has also been a lot of fun. Time to take a quick look back and see where we've been:

My Three Favorite Posts
1) Greater Canada
2) The first post in my eventual series on an Alternate American Civil War!
3) Another post I had big plans on expanding on involving A Misfiring Gun at Gettysburg

Top Five Posts (not counting Friday Flag posts) based on page views
Many of these are the same as the ones in my end of 2013 post.
1) Greater Canada
2) Kingdom of Alaska: Really not a good post. Based off my first game of Victoria II where I just wanted to learn the rules and watch what the computer controlled countries did
3) Book Review - GURPS Alternate Earths: An awesome resource for running an alternate universe campaign in GURPS
4) Confederation of European States: The first timeline I created for this blog
5) Alternate Geology: A brief look at how the geography of the Earth could vary in alternate timelines

My own favorite image of the year
Looking through my current image gallery for this blog I see a lot of flags. I'll do more with them starting next week with my Top Flag Championship series. Out of the remainder of the images my personal favorite is this map I made for my alternate American Civil War:

It reminds me that I have to revisit this timeline and flesh out its history.

Do you have any favorite posts from the last year? Which ones?

What sort of alternate histories interest you the most? I have a number coming up over the next few months that will have divergence points in the early 20th century, but I don't want to limit myself too much.

February 2014 has had the highest number of page views of the last 12 months. Thanks for visiting. I hope the next twelve months will put this blog's first year to shame. I do plan to have more than 45 posts over the next year.

As I mentioned above next week will be round one of my Top Flag Championship. Eight pairs of flags will be facing off to see who is the favorite. Voting will be done in the comments section and each week will be a new round until one flag becomes the Top Flag!


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