31 March 2014

Money Monday #1 - 100 Zlotych note from the KZA

100 Zlotych note from the Królestwo Zachodnim Afganistanie in 1935

This is a 100 Zlotych bill from the Kingdom of Western Afghanistan. The Polish nobles who rule over a large portion of central Asia in the late 19th and early 20th century created this new currency to facilitate commerce in their domains. Local tribes don't trust this new money, but the King promised it was backed by gold and a safe medium of exchange.

The general poverty of the Kingdom still makes barter the primary means of exchange for many. The currency is of use by businesses that use the nation's growing railroad lines to conduct trade within the KZA. Most international still uses the Russian ruble.

I created this image using images of old Afghan and Polish money. Some cutting, pasting, resizing, and coloring resulted in what you behold here today. The money of imaginary nations can be as interesting as their flags and maps of their territories. It might also be good way for me to begin to explore other areas of alternate timelines besides who fought in which war and who conquered whom.

There are things more important in history than death, destruction, and domination; Science, invention, and prosperity.

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