24 April 2014

Sneak Peak

This is an alternate history blog. However many things can affect history, including changes to the geology of the Earth. So far I have a few posts that delve a little into that area:
1) Great Lakes of Africa
2) Alternate Great Lakes of North America
3) Early eruption of a supervolcano

I've recently been playing around with continental drift and came up with a major change compared to those listed above. By not having the future continents of Australia and Antarctica break apart about 100 million years ago I've got a much larger land mass. I've moved it a bit further north than Australia is so the climate would be a bit nicer. I know it would have a larger affect on the surrounding area, but I've left much of the rest of the Earth alone.

I'm currently working on versions of the map for geography, weather patterns, and cultural migrations. It certainly would have had earlier and more regular contact with Asia due to its closer proximity than Australia. It would have larger areas of more temperate land and more easily utilized natural resources than Australia. It would be capable of supporting a much higher population, and with the additional contact with ancient India or China the exchange of ideas along with access to materials would allow for a more technologically advanced civilization.

The problem I'll be having is I'm constructing whole new civilizations from scratch for this alternate world. I'm wondering when something stops being an actual alternate history. In either case I plan on developing possibly a half-dozen posts developing the history of this continent and the world around it by late summer.

Do you have any thoughts or ideas on the development of this imaginary super-continent? If so please feel free to comment.

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