01 April 2014

Top Flag Championship Cancelled

Well, looks like I got a little ahead of myself with the Top Flag Championship for this year. I should really grow my readership a bit first before starting something like that.

Luckily with the recent increase of readership, and the upward trend that should continue this year, I should have a much more successful championship next year.

I've done several different things to increase traffic. I'm assuming the great boost I've gotten in the last week or so has come from the Alternate History Weekly Update. That is the best blog in the Alternate History genre I know of. It covers a lot of territory and gives some great information. Be sure to check it out frequently!

If you like flags I've also discovered The Voice of Vexillology, Flags & Heraldry blog. I haven't had a chance to really dig into that blog yet, but it has a huge archive of posts and is still an active blog.

In a few weeks I'll be increasing my own postings here. I have a few alternate timelines to expand and a few new ones to introduce. Withe the 100 year anniversary of the start of World War I coming up this year a few of them will be sure to involve that terrible conflict.

Thanks for visiting, and be sure to look around at some of the things I've accumulated here over the last year!

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