02 January 2016

2015 In Review

Dang, 2015 was a crazy year for me. On the down side it really hampered my posting schedule. I posted less than I did in the short year of 2013 when I started this blog. Still I plan on keeping things going. Despite the limited new posts in 2015 some were pretty good. Here is a list of the year's top posts.

Top five posts from 2015:
#1: Map of he United States of America circa 1910 - One of my better attempts at creating a nice looking map.
#2: Friday Flag - Liberia
#3: Friday Flag - Triple Monarchy
#4: Money Monday #5 - 100 Mark Note - one of the better alternate currencies I've designed.
#5: Book Review - The Multiversity Guidebook - I really need to do more book and movie reviews.

What's Up for 2016
The big thing for this year will be the GURPS RPG campaign I plan to run in the summer. It will take place entirely in an alternate history. The game will allow me to develop a number of new and interesting nations and explore in detail an interesting new world.

Over the Christmas/New Year period I begin focusing on learning the rules of Crusader Kings 2. I've finally got a dynasty going and might post some details and screenshots as it develops.

There is a large stack of alternate history books I've read that need reviews. I've also got a stack of unread ones that need reading. I'll try to share my thoughts and insights on these books as the year progresses.

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