01 January 2016

Friday Flag - Seljuk Empire

Happy New Year to everyone! It's Friday, time for a new alternate history flag.

Today I present the flag of the Seljuk Empire. In our timeline the Sultanate of Rum collapsed in the early 14th century eventually leading to the Ottoman Empire being formed.

In this alternate the Seljuq Dynasty (founded in the 10th century) continued to dominate Anatolia. The ongoing conflicts with the Roman Empire (historiographically known as the Byzantine Empire) helped the Seljuk maintain control over the other Turkish lines. They would led the eventual conquest of Constantinople in 1444 allowing them to solidify their own reorganized empire.

As this history continues it the Seljuk Empire would likely develop along similar lines as the OTL Ottoman Empire did. Its survival would depend on the numerous small changes over the centuries leading up to the Great War.

The central symbol on this flag was taken from a file uploaded by Mevlüt Kılıç to Wikipedia. Therefore this image is also covered by the Creative Commons ShareAlike attribution.

Creative Commons License
Seljuk Empire flag by Sean Sherman, based on work of Mevlüt Kılıç is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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