18 March 2014

Top Flag Championship - March 2014 - ROUND ONE

I've created a number of flags from alternate universes over the last year. There are some I like and some I don't like. I thought it might be nice to get input from out in the interwebs as to which flags other people liked. So begins the First Annual Top Flag Championship.

I've paired off eight sets of flags that have to battle each other for being the prettiest, most creative, or just having that special something over the other in the eyes of our viewers. In the comments section list which of the flags from each pairing you like better. There are no rules other than just choosing one from each set as a favorite - your reason can be your own - good design, memorable, best back story for the flag, etc.


A couple flags with horizontal rows of stars on 'em!

The Habsburg Hegemony
The Habsburg dynasty grows to control all of Europe and by the 20th century most of the world.


The Confederation of Europe
German victory in the Great War leads to their domination of the European politics.


A couple of variants that involve North America in some way:

A massive area controlling all of the North and South American continents. Cut all contact with the rest of the world during the outbreak of the Great War in 1914.


The British annex Alaska after the Crimean War. By the 20th century former British Caribbean holdings are brought into the growing Canadian state.


A couple of red flags with olive branch thingies:

Fourth Roman Republic
Rome gets knocked down but never out. The Fourth Roman Republic has a lunar colony and controls a large portion of the world. Only the Chinese can dare challenge them.


United Nations Battle Flag
The UN has more teeth. It controls its own military branch and uses this variant flag when peaceful means fail!


A pair of flags from the same post-apocalyptic world:

An independent city-state that survives on the equivalent of South America in a post-apocalyptic world.


Also an independent city-state that survives on the equivalent of South America in a post-apocalyptic world.


A couple of interesting flags:

Sul Alianca
A large state that controls most of South America after the northern hemisphere devastated itself in a 1962 nuclear war.


Polish Kingdom of Western Afghanistan
Poland gained early independence from the Russian Empire and colonized central Asia. Now the colony is independent and preparing for a possible assault by a westernizing China.


Communist French flag vs. White Russian General flag:

A short-lived communist state that encompassed France, Spain, and Italy.


Admiral Kolchak
A variant of the personal standard for Admiral Kolchak.


Flags from a pair of alternate Americas:

Federation of Free America
A politically stronger South causes a group of Northern states to secede from the Union in 1860. They fight a war in an attempt to maintain their independence. Will the succeed?


United States of America (12 stars/stripes)
The United States forms a bit differently. One of the potential states, Saint Lawrence, declines membership in the new Union. the flag is adjusted accordingly.


A pair of Russian flags from alternate universes:

Russian Federation
In the aftermath of the Chinese and American war Russia finds itself one of the remaining superpowers.


Sino-Soviet Alliance
Russia and China don't split and eventually become one powerful bloc that may allow communism to eventually dominate the world.

Be sure to vote for your favorite from each pairing in the comments section. I'll be counting votes up to March 24th and posting the results on the 25th.


  1. 1 - Hapsburg Hegemony
    2 - Canada
    3 - Fourth Roman Republic
    4 - Thycena
    5 - Polish Kingdom of Western Afghanistan
    6 - The TRD7 - Federation of Free America
    8 - Sino-Soviet Alliance

  2. Thanks for the votes Doc. Now that it's the 25th I'll be closing voting and move on to round 2. Update soon!

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  4. Sorry, was trying to see if anything would go through after I types out comments with lots of detail, twice, and had it deleted somehow. I'll try again.

  5. 1 Hapsburg Hegemony, for a flag that pops, a rich back story that has me thinking, and the use of the word hegemony.
    2 Canada, on all levels, because it looks good visually, represents what it is supposed to, and has a fun to think about back story.
    3 Fourth Roman Republic, for the back story
    4 Strumicvar, because I can see what it would represent better.
    5 Sul Alianca, because the colors are great, the back story is fun, and to be fair the planitoid on the flag looks a little like a blue Death Star.
    6 The TRD, though I might give the Admiral Kolchak's battle flag another look if you included what the original looked like. My wife is Russian after all. Still the TRD one looks cooler.
    7 Federation of Free America, for design because I get echos of the Underground Railroad in the crescent moons, the cool back story, and the fact the other flag looks too much like the Betsy Ross flag.
    8 The Sino-Soviet Flag, because I don't know the symbolism of the crest on the flag.

  6. Jedburkey, thanks for the analysis of these flags. Real life had forced me to neglect this blog for a a short time but I'll be posting again soon with new timelines, new flags, and other articles. Thanks for your interest.


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