This blog is a journal for my explorations of alternate history.

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Alien Space Bats (ASB): A term used for very implausible timelines; especially those with alien invasions, magic, or unrealistic technology.

Alternate History: Another universe or timeline where history unfolds differently than in the real world.

Counter Factual: Another term for Alternate History.

Original Timeline (OTL): our real world. The baseline for the alternates.

Timeline: An alternate history. A single timeline may have multiple blog posts as I return to it for further development. I also use this term as a tag for posts that are formatted as a list of dates and events.

There are some timelines I create that use multiple posts. In the tags at the bottom of the post there will usually be something like Alpha-005, or Beta-001, etc. These are the 'names' given to the timelines by a yet undeveloped/undescribed multiverse observation agency. Given the dullness of such IDs many timelines will also have nicknames based on something distinctive about them. See the 'Alternates by Divergence Year' tab for a listing of many of the timelines on this blog in order of their point of divergence with these nicknames.

I'm trying to get into the habit of doing regular book reviews on alternate history books. It's a slow process and I'm still learning the best practices to give a good and worthwhile review while not spoiling the book. If I receive any free copies of a book I am not accepting an obligation to do a review, and if I do write a review it may not be a good review. In any case, any review where there might be a perceived conflict-of-interest I'll have a disclosure of the conflict.

My blog so I have final say on what comments get approved. Please keep the comment related to the post and try to keep things respectful. This is all make-believe and posts about a particular country or culture doing incredible well or terribly poorly in a specific timeline is not meant as a reflection of the country in the real world. Please don't be offended by anything on this blog, no insults are being given. However if I make some fundamental error in something please leave a polite comment explaining how I got it wrong and some references where I can find more information to cure my ignorance. The purpose of this blog is entertainment and to possibly get people thinking about things from different points of view.


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